Revolutionizing Wrist Fracture Fixation Products™

When a prominent American medical orthotic campany approached us to develop an alternative to traditional plaster casts. Armed with only a vague vision of the desired product and no concrete design drawings or material specifications, we embarked on an incredible journey of craftsmanship and innovation.

The Genesis

Our skilled artisans and engineers quickly formed a dedicated task force for this ambitious project. One of our engineers personally experienced the immobilization effect and limitations of traditional plaster casts while wearing them at a hospital.This firsthand insight motivated us to create a superior alternative.

Refining the Vision

In this revolutionary journey of product development, our teams invested significant effort and embarked on numerous explorations.

  • Materials engineers conducted extensive research and experimentation on over 200 materials.
  • Structural engineers explored various technologies such as injection molding, seamless integration, and needle threading.
  • Sample engineers tirelessly tested different iterations.They meticulously crafted a collection of 3D prototypes, actively incorporating feedback from the client.
  • Through thorough market research and numerous revisions, we eventually developed a final plan that exceeded expectations. It took us 8 months to successfully create a portable and breathable wrist immobilization product for our client.

Recognition From Customer

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Our client deeply appreciates our craftsmanship and has expressed,

"Among over a dozen partnering suppliers, none have demonstrated the level of dedication and adaptability that Lee-mat has. They willingly and proactively made repeated modifications and experiments without any complaints, ensuring that our product requirements were met beyond expectation."