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Dongguan Lee-Mat Sports Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2009. As a professional teach-company integrating development, production, marketing and service of sports products, we boast cutting-edge technology and equipment, specializing in medical protective gears, sport product, Foot care products, etc. We independently research and develop orthotic insoles, foot care products, medical protective products, and sell them across up to 30 countries worldwide including the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany.

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We place a strong emphasis on cooperation and communication with our customers. Our sales team actively listens to customer needs, providing professional advice and solutions.

Our Team

Experienced R&D and Production Team

Our development team consists of 3D drawing engineers, mold engineers, prototyping engineers, and 3D engineers.

With more than 10 years of research and development experience, we have a team of more than 10 professionals, including 3 structural engineers, 3 process engineers, 2 electronic engineers, and 2 sample makers.