With 14 years of export experience, we are a trusted partner for seamless communication, smooth shipping processes, and on-time delivery. And our extensive portfolio showcases nearly 100 patented technologies.

Service Offerings

Custom Certification Services

We specialize in assisting with CE, FAD certification applications for custom products.

Solutions Services

Design drawing services

Professional modification solutions

3D printing

Existing packaging available

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Free Sample Acquisition

Take advantage of our free sample offer for existing products. You only need to cover the shipping cost.

Free Design Services

We offer free product appearance and packaging box design.

Fees and Refund Policy

We charge a nominal service fee for product development and design. However, this fee will be fully refunded once the product reaches the mass production stage.

Accept Small Batch Production

Let us help you grow your market presence with our small batch production expertise.

Service Capability

The development team consists of 3D drawing engineers, mold engineers, sample engineers, and 3D engineers, who can respond quickly and resolve any issues promptly.

The production team utilizes a digital ERP system for management to improve production efficiency and data management.

We have a comprehensive ISO management system in place to ensure quality control at every stage, including raw materials, production, and final acceptance.

Our laboratory conducts specific tests such as tensile strength, colorfastness, Martindale abrasion resistance, and temperature aging tests to ensure the production and delivery of high-quality products.